Slime: The Trends Kids Can't Get Enough Of

When you were younger, odds are that you weren't too fond of receiving a small plastic bucket of slime. While that may be true, it doesn't mean that everyone else feels the same way – as a matter of fact, if you're a 90's baby, you're probably very familiar with “fart putty”. Fart putty was a cheap little toy that people would get at the dollar store, and they probably still keep it in stock to this day; you could chalk up this new slime “trend” to the fact that kids just like goofy things.

 Not only that, but kids like to take part in stuff that they feel like they've contributed to. When you can make some slime with your kids and have a day full of fun, they're going to remember it; they'll enjoy the slime for now, and love the memories for later.

 Following the Group

 As kids grow up, they have a tendency to follow the group. We aren't exactly sure where it started, but slime sort of came out of nowhere – kids all over the world were seemingly hooked on it overnight. When you were in school, whether it was marbles or battling spinning tops, there was some sort of trend that the entire school was obsessed with. It would seem that we're in the age of being obsessed with slime, which should be fine in the eyes of parents; there's no cheaper hobby for your children to have.


 You can make the slime yourself, and you can even get as creative as you'd like. The kids will love coloring the slime all kinds of different colors, and obviously, they will enjoy playing with it as well.

 Types of Slime

 There are many different types of slime to be considered. While they are all going to be glue and Borax based (or at least most of them will be), it doesn't mean you aren't going to find different varieties. The internet will let you know about all of the different colors and textures that can be used in the “slime game”.

 Some slime will be a bit runnier than other batches, and depending on the colors and other materials (some people like putting beads, water orbs and various other items in their slime), you can make whatever kind of slime you would like.


 Get With the Slime!

 Slime is not only one of the more simple-minded hobbies that your children could have, it's going to take it easy on your bank as well. Some of the most obvious benefits behind slime would be:

  •   You can entertain the kids easily/in an affordable manner
  •   Making slime gives you more time to spend with your kids and family in general
  •   It's an activity that doesn't promote danger, so long as you're always keeping a close eye on the young ones
  •   Let your creative juices flow and make some slime for yourself!

 Whether you're young or old, slime may be your next favorite hobby – you'll never know until you try it out!