How to Make Slime Without Glue

Looking for another nifty way to go about making your slime? Well, now you can approach the entire thing without using glue! Glue is typically a staple in the most common slime recipes, but when you want to know how to make slime without glue, you've got to find another reliable recipe to rely on. Making slime will remain one of the most affordable (and fun!) ways to spend your time, especially if you're a fan of arts and crafts. Although that is true, it's important to take note of any ingredients that a website tells you to use, as there's no telling what you could be getting into. Borax itself is another common staple within most slime recipes, and it happens to be a toxic substance (which is why it's crucial to be careful, but without Borax or glue, there's nothing to cause a fuss over).

 Fluffy Slime

how to make slime without glue

 Fluffy slime is the type of slime that you'll be making with this recipe, so it will also introduce you into an entirely new experience. There will always be a variety of different slime types for you to experience, limiting yourself to just one recipe and type of slime is downright silly. You only need a couple of ingredients, and the process of making the slime itself is very straightforward. The stuff you're going to need is:

  •  Shampoo (preferably of the Kid variety)
  •  Shaving cream
  •  A spoon
  •  A mixing bowl
  •  Salt


Step-by-Step Instructions

The ingredients are simple, and the instructions follow suit. You don't need to worry about any dangerous ingredients or chemicals with this recipe, you've just got to make sure that nobody makes a mess. Keep the paper towels handy, or even an old towel or two.

  1)  Take the shampoo and put it into a mixing bowl, start with a little bit (try two or three tablespoons) and add more later if needed

  2) Add your shaving cream to the bowl, try and use the same amount of shaving cream as you do shampoo

  3)  Mix everything together with a spoon

  4)  Keep on stirring until the mixture is completely combined

  5)  Add about a teaspoon of salt and mix everything together

  6)  Put the mixture in your freezer for 15 minutes (give or take)

  7)  Take it out and enjoy!

 Perfect for the Kids

how to make slime without glue

 Playing with Borax-based slime isn't particularly dangerous, so long as your children aren't eating it in abundance. That may be the case, and people will continue to use Borax in their slime recipes, but there will always be individuals who want to know how to make slime without glue. Kids will be able to make this concoction by themselves, but it's a parental responsibility to ensure that they are properly supervised.


Affordable and easy-to-make slime is finally within your reach. Bust out that shaving cream and shampoo, because it's time to make the fluffiest slime that you'll find on the web.


how to make slime without glue