How To Make Fluffy Slime

Fluffy Slime: Is It Legitimate?

When you think of the word “slime”, a very obvious figure is going to pop into your head. Slime tends to be gooey and very viscous, allowing you to smack it around a little bit without any worry. However, there are more than a dozen different kinds of slime, and that's mainly due to the fact that every single slime you create is going to be slightly different from all of your previous versions.

Kids are getting into the slime trend as if there were no tomorrow, and that's okay. There are a lot of trends that seem to pass through year after year, and they always pertain to the kids. Fluffy slime may be a little more unique than your traditional variety of slime, but it's also one of the easier types to go about making – if you're skeptical of the entire slime creation process, learning how to make fluffy slime may be something that you're interested in.

How Do I Make Fluffy Slime?

When you're curious as to how to make fluffy slime, just know that you aren't alone. There would not be articles like this one on the internet if that were not the case. Making fluffy slime is as simple as gathering all of the ingredients you need, and mixing them together until you feel like the slime is at your preferred consistency. The ingredients that you'll need would be:

• Elmer's Glue (white glue)
• Contact Lens Solution
• Foamy Shaving Cream (no gel)
• Borax Mixture (1 cup of warm water w/ 1 teaspoon of borax mixed in)
• Food Coloring (if you'd like)

how to make fluffy slime
The Process

The process is very easy to follow, and your kids could even do it for themselves (with proper supervision, of course). There are slimes that can be relatively complicated to make, but when you keep things simple, there is no easier way to approach the process.

1. Squeeze an entire bottle of Elmer's Glue into your mixing bowl

2. Mix in a 1/2 cup of shaving foam (add more if you want the slime to be fluffier).

3. Add food coloring, if you'd like

4. Add in the eye contact solution, start with a few squirts to ensure that the slime isn't too sticky

5. Add in your borax solution slowly, and keep on mixing until a slime-like mixture starts to form

6. Put it all together with kneading

7. Add your desired color!

how to make fluffy slime
There you have it! Making fluffy slime has more than likely been something that you (or your children) were interested in, but now you can act on those feelings. It's quite easy to make fluffy slime, and it's probably one of the safest ways to have some fun with your kids. Even if your kids aren't interested in the entire slime epidemic, you might want to check it out for yourself. Whatever the case may be, just know that fluffy slime (that was homemade) is never too far away.